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KATHRYN HORSLEY WEARS MANY HATS WITH HER MULTIPLE DEGREES and full-time mother gig. Sometimes, she is even brave and wears an actual hat but not often. Sarcastic and witty, she isn’t afraid to make others laugh, even at her fake British accent. Her competitive nature drives her to make every book her best but she still realizes that nobody is perfect…that’s why there is spell check. Ohio has always been her home but she knows that she does not have to go far to see the world. She just opens a book.
Following the success of her first novel, Windows of the Soulless, Kathryn has expanded the Soulless series with the release of book two, Without Shadows, and book three, Silhouettes in the Moon. Vampire lovers beware, the Soulless series will take you into the world of the undead like you've never seen before. 
Kathryn is a freelance writer who has to make time to write. Between a full-time job treating cancer and four daughters, Kathryn stays in constant motion. Yes, her kids are ALL girls and some are teenagers. With that many girls, her house is prone to a surplus of glitter and drama at any given moment (which is probably why it takes her so long to write her books).